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she was the goddess of wisdom  she wore a white gown with gold leaves  she out smarted all the men in her life she escaped the war she watched her city decay and crumble before her she waited, out living everyone and everything Then she returned  buildings now dull  temples in ruins vines scaling the sides of everything not sound was heard  just the soft hollow click of her heels on the pavement she walked through her city in her white gown the gold leaves starting to loose their shine she started to cry  the wind picked up and dust flew everywhere  she continued walking through the ruins towards the sea she looked at what was once hers  she raised her arms up  the wind picked up all the rubble and put buildings back together buildings once dull now full of color  vines blossoming everything was back to the way it used to be except her temple she left that in pieces and the buildings around it to chip she left it to show what man kind had done her dress now light green with blu…

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